“You only live once,
but if you do it right, once is enough.”
- Mae West

I’m Chelsea - independent escort, insatiable flirt, luxurious panther.

Age: Twenties
Height: 163cm / 5'3
Dress size: 10
Bra size: 12DD

I'm a sharp conversationalist with a keen sense of humour and a penchant for terrible puns. I do lots of other fun things with my mouth too.

My interests include intense orgasms, pop culture and music trivia, all-day breakfast, passionate kisses, the search for the perfect Bloody Mary, crushing watermelons between my thighs, amusement parks, men who know what they want, sword swallowing, and thinly-veiled metaphors for sexual acts.

I look exactly like my photos. The girl you see in the pictures is the one who will greet you at the door. I'm not a Playboy bunny or a supermodel, but a regular twenty-something with natural good looks and a healthy appetite for hot sex. I have a beautiful selection of artwork on my body and I'm often told by men that don't normally like tattoos that they love mine!

I've been blessed with not only a killer rack, but a natural warmth and ability to put people at ease, so don't let shyness or anxiety get between you and the best night of your life.

I'm available for short romps, leisurely weekends and everything in-between. Get in touch and let's explore our chemistry xx